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  • Mental Illness

    “How does a group of people survive in this country for over 400 years and not have mental health issues If we work together to eliminate the stigma and judgement associated with mental illness, we help ourselves

  • It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health in the Black Community

    Mental illness refers to a wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior. Although many people have mental health concerns from time to time, it becomes an illness when ongoing County’s Mental Health Center is located at 1919 University Ave. W., Suite 200, Saint Paul and offers short-term and on-going mental health services. Children's Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7878 Adult Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7900 The

  • Black Men

    Increasing prevalence of Mental Illness, is least likely to go undiagnosed or treated. Seeking support with a mental wellness professional to cope with the stresses of life - racism, crime

  • Covid-19...Is the Worst Over?

    Although most people with COVID-19 will get better after a few weeks, some do not fully recover from their illness concentrating, or remembering (sometimes called “brain fog”) • Symptoms that get worse after physical or mental

  • They Took Care of Us... Who'll Take Care of Them?

    But life comes at you fast and unexpected loss, illness or change in circumstance can cause a change

  • The Power of People & Partnerships! University of Minnesota’s Program in Health Disparities Research

    practices report on culturally-competent programming for Black men facing poverty, homelessness and mental

  • The Family…the Heart & Soul of Community

    relationships, career, sexuality and money Know your family history and risk factors for disease, emotional and mental

  • Illuminating Pathways to Success for Women!

    Women Empowered! Dream. Build. Succeed! Women account for over 30% of businesses in the U.S., according to the 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses report commissioned by American Express. Black women own roughly 14% of those companies, making them the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs. Along those lines, women outpace men in purchasing a home. With this rise in upward-mobility, comes a new, unfamiliar conversation: how to manage and maintain WEALTH. The ANIKA Foundation has struck up a series of conversations around money Along those lines, women outpace men in purchasing a home. With this rise in upward-mobility, comes a new, unfamiliar conversation: how to manage and maintain WEALTH. “We have to reframe our relationship with money,” says Anika Robbins, the agency’s Founding Director. Robbins understands that, despite the promising aforementioned business start-up and home-buying statistics nationwide, workshops and symposiums with local experts in finance, law, home-buying, insurance, business and investing. Ongoing classes and support groups are offered to provide needed support to help participants achieve their goals. A youth social enterprise program, TEXTURE, is also featured. For more information call: 612.670.6355 Ambassador Spotlight We can’t do this work alone. The ANIKA Foundation is built on village principles of showcasing and leveraging the talent and resources within our community. Below are a few of our Real Estate Ambassadors. To learn more about our mentorship and Ambassdor programs or to meet more of our Ambassadors in finance, investments, insurance and credit counseling, visit us online at:

  • Wellness Empowerment: Healing From the Inside Out

    “Wellness is the absence of dis-ease-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • The Art of Mindfulness: Bringing Awareness to Stress Management

    benefits including lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety, decreased auto-immune and other chronic illness

  • Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome In Children (MIS-C)

    COVID-19 vaccination has also been associated with less severe illness with MIS-C, such as needing ICU-level

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