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  • Unpacking Black Male Trauma

    “Nobody was talking about the trauma and they definitely weren’t talking about Black male trauma.” Almost singularly credited with the increased use of the word ‘trauma’, Simmons is helping society have “When you allow men to address their trauma, they’re more likely to have empathy for other people, because How can we HEAL trauma? “We have to look at our personal pain and do our own work,” says Simmons. Simmons also encourages healthy stress management and making peace with historical and cultural trauma

  • It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health in the Black Community

    environments of concentrated disadvantage, with multiple short or long term life shocks - trips of trauma

  • The Family…the Heart & Soul of Community

    We cannot continue to absorb trauma, stress and pain and expect our bodies and minds to endure without

  • Black Men

    with the stresses of life - racism, crime or loss - can also equip Brothers with tools to navigate trauma

  • Mental Illness

    Nothing in our lived experience could have prepared us for the multiple traumatic events we’ve all endured

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