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  • Wellness Empowerment: Healing From the Inside Out

    “Why do I have to change who I am to get well?” “Wellness is the absence of dis-ease-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It encompasses the total health of the person.” Urban Wellness Retreat with his wife, Anika. The center offers ongoing classes and events on health & wellness, in addition to expanded services including

  • The Keepers: The Healer, The Counselor, the Researcher, The Elder, the Health Food-Bringer.

    Beacons of light in our community quietly-loudly-dilligently, offering health ...and hope. The strength and resiliency of Black Men is well documented. And yet, Black Men are in the top percentile of almost every health disparity represented-including cancer Jerry McAfee, and countless others who are always willing..always ready, to serve.

  • The Power of People & Partnerships! University of Minnesota’s Program in Health Disparities Research

    Part I The University of Minnesota’s Program in Health Disparities Research (PHDR) is dedicated to eliminating health inequities through research, education and community engagement. Empowering Community Through Health Equity Driven Research Growing up in Nigeria, Dr. Olamide Ojo-Fati became interested in global health disparities in underserved communities. and systemic barriers to health, laying the groundwork to improve health outcomes in our communities

  • The Power of People & Partnerships! University of Minnesota’s Program in Health Disparities Research

    Part II Empowering Community Through Health Equity Driven Research When the Little Earth of United Tribes residents’ board and administration decided to confront the many health issues in the community, they turned to the Program in Health Disparities Research. Bridging Policy, Research & Community The mission of the Health Equity in Policy Initiative (HEPI) is information gaps between researchers, communities and policy-making bodies, specifically related to health

  • It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health in the Black Community

    There are over 200 mental health classifications, the top 5 being depression/anxiety disorders, dementia Mental Wellness Resources Treatment will not be denied to your regardless of your ability to pay Ramsey County’s Mental Health Center is located at 1919 University Ave. W., Suite 200, Saint Paul and offers short-term and on-going mental health services. Children's Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7878 Adult Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-266-7900 The

  • What is Healthy Again?

    To age in the manner of one's choosing, one must maintain and enhance the skills that enable health and This is known as "healthy aging." Learn how Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health's Healthy Aging Initiative is taking action to enable healthy aging in Ramsey County. Livable Communities Livable communities contribute to healthy aging.

  • Turning Point: A Legacy of Restorative Chemical Dependency Treatment

    “Why do I have to change who I am to get well?” Taking a ‘common sense’ approach to living, infusing relationship management, health & wellness, Turning Hayden recommends ‘working the program’, leaning on your support system and practicing healthy living

  • Unpacking Black Male Trauma

    Robert "Clarence" Jones is the Community Outreach Director for Southside Community Health Services/Q Health Connections (SCHS/QHC). For more than 35 years, Clarence’s work has been steeped in grassroots community health education with He is active on several community boards including the University of Minnesota's Program in Health Disparities Jones can also be heard weekly on Community Health Dialogues on 89.9 KMOJ.

  • Generation NEXT

    co-op movement” Alluding to “culinary privilege” - the under-representation of people of color in the health Williams believes increased presence and participation of Black men in the health food movement will stem the tide of health disparities in communities of color and ultimately foster improved health. health education specialist (CHES), Dr. expertise in evaluating and informing public policy that positively impacts population health.

  • Breast Cancer

    Symptoms ■ New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit) ■ Thickening or swelling of part of the breast alcohol: The more alcohol you drink, the greater your risk of developing breast cancer. ■ Maintain a healthy If your weight is healthy, work to maintain that weight. ■ Limit postmenopausal hormone therapy.

  • Heart Disease

    ■ Obesity ■ Diabetes mellitus Symptoms ■ Chest Pain ■ Shortness of Breath ■ Coughing or Wheezing ■ Swelling Extremities ■ Fatigue Prevention Tips ■ Don't smoke or use tobacco ■ Daily physical activity ■ Heart-healthy diet ■ Maintain a healthy weight ■ Manage stress ■ Regular health screenings

  • Black Men

    Black Men in America face a wide range of health challenges. Below are some of the top 10 conditions affecting the health and wellness of Black Men. Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption can also radically improve overall health and wellbeing Seeking support with a mental wellness professional to cope with the stresses of life - racism, crime Buddy up with friends and family to meet mutual health goals.

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