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What is Healthy Again?

Age or a particular point in life is not when aging begins. It's a typical, never-ending process. To age in the manner of one's choosing, one must maintain and enhance the skills that enable health and happiness into old age. This is known as "healthy aging."

Learn how Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health's Healthy Aging Initiative is taking action to enable healthy aging in Ramsey County.

Focusing on healthy aging is important because of new realities:

  • The number of persons who are 55 years of age or older is increasing quickly. There are currently more senior persons living in the county than school-age children for the first time in its history.

  • More and more senior citizens are taking on the role of caregiver for their grandchildren.

  • The older adult population is becoming more diverse.

  • Compared to earlier generations, many people 55 and older are more active. As people get older, they want to continue living in their houses and making contributions to the community.

Aging in place/aging in community

"Aging in place" refers to the trend of an increasing number of senior citizens who wish to remain in their homes as they age. "Aging in community," which acknowledges that healthy aging is not a personal experience, is a development of that concept. The capacity of elderly individuals to remain in their homes and make decisions about their care as they age is impacted by government policies, corporate procedures, settings, and initiatives. Certain factors have an uneven impact on certain communities and don't always acknowledge the contributions of senior citizens. When older individuals are treated fairly and seen as valuable members of the community, it is stronger.

Livable Communities

Livable communities contribute to healthy aging. They are fair environments where people can prosper into old age. In addition to having inexpensive and accessible housing and transportation alternatives, older persons also feel respected and safe. The talents and strengths of senior citizens are acknowledged and honored in livable communities. They foster relationships with others, which raises involvement. 

Communities that encourage healthy aging benefit individuals of all ages and capacities. Smooth sidewalks are more convenient for those using strollers and for those who need canes to walk.

2023-2024 Resource List - Final BW
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