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The Keepers: The Healer, The Counselor, the Researcher, The Elder, the Health Food-Bringer.

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Beacons of light in our community quietly-loudly-dilligently, offering health ...and hope. 

Beautiful, Strong, Intelligent, Confident, Complicated... Providers, Role Models, Fathers, Sons... Go-getters, charming, drippin’ in...swag. Careful not to Black.

The strength and resiliency of Black Men is well documented. The ability to overcome insurmountable difficulty and come back ‘swingin,’ is a given. And yet, Black Men are in the top percentile of almost every health disparity represented-including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS and...homicide. Why?

We are afraid to admit we are afraid.” says Dr. Eric Griggs in an article in the New Orleans Data News Weekly. A fear masked by ego, bravado - being ‘in control’, hinders men from seeking timely medical attention, ignoring signs and symptoms, somehow believing they will ‘work themselves out’. Many brothers die from preventable, treatable diseases for this very reason.

But...when you are ready, there are people. Specialists -Brothers’ Keepers-in our midst, who are ready to help. This list is by no means exhaustive. Honorable mentions to Alfred Babbington-Johnson, VJ Smith, Fred Evans, Rev. Jerry McAfee, and countless others who are always willing..always ready, to serve. 

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