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The Family…the Heart & Soul of Community

We must reclaim our health. Our body, mind and SOUL demand to be heard, healed and cared for. Our health is non-negotiable, we are not separate nor do we operate outside of our health, we ARE our health. We are not workhorses. We cannot continue to absorb trauma, stress and pain and expect our bodies and minds to endure without consequence. We must prioritize ourselves - free of judgement, shame or guilt - to move past fear and procrastination and take active steps to make changes in our diet and lifestyle. One mind, one body…One Life.

Love Begins at Home…It starts with loving yourself enough to treat yourself better

Own your decisions, your choices in food, alcohol, relationships, career, sexuality and money

Know your family history and risk factors for disease, emotional and mental wellbeing. Take active steps to make informed lifestyle changes and decisions.

Ask questions, be aware

Surround yourself with friends and family who want the best for you, who will support you as you make positive choices

Take care of your children. Shower them with love and affection. There’s no such thing as ‘too much love’. Listen and BE PRESENT with them. SEE THEM. Be REAL with them. Set boundaries. Work ethic. Foster trust. Keep asking. Keep reminding them they are loved, they matter. That you care.

Recognize what season you’re in and when it’s time to transition to a different way of life, a different reality, a different experience.

Be a good steward of your bloodline. Your legacy. Make financial plans to support your way of life well into your later years. Instead of debt, make plans NOW to pass on generational wealth.

Save and plan for emergencies, health issues, divorce, death…long before these things happen.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to try again.

Be loving, kind and gracious….with yourself. Be gracious with others.

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