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They Took Care of Us... Who'll Take Care of Them?

You lived your life. Got married, raised a family... worked all of your life, bought a new house, took a couple trips... and now you're older, maybe retired.

Now What?

'Getting up there'... is all about perspective. Living healthy, staying active, sustaining solid social networks and strong ties with friends and family can ensure many vibrant years - even beyond the retirement years. But life comes at you fast and unexpected loss, illness or change in circumstance can cause a change in course - even with the best laid plans.

What Can You Do?

Make a Plan...Early

Make plans now - while they are still yours make - to have what you need in your later years. Calculate what you need to live comfortably, if you need to downsize, work part-time, or other ways to sustain yourself. Estate planning is essential to having your affairs in order. This isn't just about preparing for death, it's about preparing to LIVE!

People are living longer, over 30% of Ramsey County residents are over age 55. Make sure you can maintain comfortable living. Create a will, let your family know your wishes while you have the awareness and make multiple streams of income that are safe and proven. Secure sufficient healthcare and savings for the unexpected. Put these plans in place now, so you can rest easy... later in life, and death.

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