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Maintain Connections

There's typically a migration of youth and young adults for better employment opportunities quality of life, but there's also a reverse migration, where folks move back to their hometowns as they begin to age. Some stay in their new community, forge solid life-long connections in the faith community, social clubs and more. Branching out, cultivating and maintaining those relationships are critical to combating loneliness. Deepening connections make people feel they belong and cared for. Remember, it's reciprocal.

Have a list of important phone numbers

Back in the day, your Mother or Father have might have kept a telephone book with everyone's contact information in it - your family down south, the butcher down the street... the number to call the time:) Today, everyone's 'saved' in the digital world or cellphones. We don't memorize anyone's number anymore. Write down important phone numbers for friends, family, neighbors, your employer, bank... insurance agent. Also emergency numbers for your doctor, and others. Nake notes next to their names. Some of the old ways still work best.

Stay Active!

But listen, you got A LOTTA life to live yet! Eat healthy, exercise, go for walks with friends or you pet. Travel, take classes to learn something you've always wanted to do. Learn a new language, get a job doing something you actually enjoy! Get active in your community, start a garden, try different restaurants with your trends, have a sleepover (wink!).

Whatever you do...

Live every moment with intention and ZEST! To the let drop.

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