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Finding Paradise: The Key to Happiness? Just DO IT!

Crystal clear waters, sunny beaches, palm trees, a hammock... Your sunscreen saver might be this very image. A calming visual of your dream destination. But what's really stopping you from BEING there... NOW?

That was the question Lisa pondered as she sat in a routine office meeting that played out like a scene from Charlie Brown. The more she daydreamed, the more muffled the voices became until she was no longer 'there'...The next day, she jumped in her car and drove....all the way to Key West, Florida!

"I just had to go," said Lisa Dodd, former hospitality manager from St. Paul, MN. A month later, she went back to Key West...For good.

Her departure sent shockwaves through her network of friends and family. But what may have seemed like a 'sudden' decision, was really a long time coming. "This was 20 years in the making,' says Lisa.

“I always knew I wanted to do more, see more, travel the world...but it just never seemed to be the ‘right’ time."

Funny how blind faith works. She arrived with no job prospects, no place to stay or any clue as to what the future held. Yet, she applied for a position with a 5-star resort and was hired on the spot...and, offered corporate housing to seal the deal!

"This is my time', enthuses this grandmother who recently celebrated her 50th birthday in Miami with friends. "I've raised my children and have poured into everyone-my job, my friends and family...It's time for me to do ME."

What’s holding you back??

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