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Quality Life MN initiative promotes healthy living in partnership with healthcare professionals, public entities and community and business leaders.


Our goals are to normalize participation in these processes and equip community members with the tools and information to make informed personal decisions and build confidence to engage authentically in advocacy. The Quality Life MN website, social media page and health equity programs engage communities to make empowered lifestyle choices.

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer diagnosed in women across every racial and ethnic group in Minnesota.

Take Care of
Yourself, Sis

Spotlight on Breast Cancer & Heart Disease

The number of reported people living HIV/AIDS in Minnesota is 9,805. Almost two-thirds (65%) OF new HIV cases are among communities of color.


HIV,STD.STI…Get Tested!

older couple_edited.jpg

COVID-19... is the worst over?

Understanding the lingering effects of COVID-19 and how to protect yourself.

Your Risk

Get Tested. Find Vaccines

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